25 March 2012

Falling Headlong Into Another World...

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If I'm a Jane Austen fan, it's as an admiring bystander of the language, customs, and history of the Regency/Napoleonic era more so than as a Janeite or romantic.  So, as I flipped the pages of Cindy Jones' book, My Jane Austen Summer, trying to decide whether or not to add it to my already lofty stack of booksI was braced to bolt and run at the first sign of words like swoon or limpid or cerulean orbs.  I needn't have worried.  I was hijacked and hooked anyway -- how'd that happen?

Blame Lily, Jones' overwhelmed-by-life's-harsh-realities heroine, who is fired for reading novels on the job, rather than fulfilling the banal tasks of her cul-de-sac career of routing payroll tax deposits.  
Getting fired for reading on the job -- oh yes, once upon a time, it could've happened to me.

Even today, whether reading a book I like or viewing a fav film, I fall headlong into another world, mesmerised to the exclusion of all else.  My tumble into escapism now, though, is not to avoid the quotidian, but to ride point on a Quixotic search for inspiration, lionhearted answers, and ballsy challenges.  I finger the last few pages of a book, willing the word-weaving to become a never-ending story.  Marginalia and bookmarks bristle from every edge of my books.  With films, I maintain a special list of titles, The Think Tank, my go-to for drenching my senses in "otherness".

I return from these excursions refreshed, ferocious, inspired.  I'm stronger; I'm intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally well-fed, and after the first jolting bounce, I welcome the return to earth.  Bring it on, world.  I'm ready!

Albeit by a different route -- a journey occasioned and accompanied by Jane Austen herself -- Lily re-invents her life.  Don't read My Jane Austen Summer expecting full-force fan fiction or a self-improvement guide.  Do read it expecting a fast, funny, and sometimes quirky romp through a cast of characters who bear uncanny resemblance to people you know.  Casting the movie 15 years ago, I would want Meg Ryan as Lily.  Today --.  I'll get back to you on that.

As the illustration at the top of this post details,
Jane-ites, Quixotes, avid readers, & admiring bystanders
can spend a relaxed evening with author Cindy Jones
on 27th March 2012.
Come, bring your questions
-- keep your pinky up, refreshments will be served! --
and tune your attitude to Adventure.

See you on the patio, amigos!

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