07 November 2011

Un-occupy Gmail, Part 2

Since noting our strong objections to Google/Gmail's latest shenanigans in yesterday's post, Un-occupy Gmail, we're discovering other voices critical of their heavy-handed redesign.

Scott Wilson sees the Google/Gmail re-design rationale "shaping up to be an unmitigated disaster".

Wilson is certainly in a position to know.  He is a longtime blogger of Google/Gmail issues and creator of Indigo Moon Systems, a Seattle-based firm who provide enterprise-grade I.T. management advice to small and medium businesses.

Scott responded to our Un-occupy Gmail essay:

"Funny, I have been thinking (albeit slightly more broadly) along those same lines."

You can read Scott's well-researched and provocative ideas at his blog post "Are the Wheels Coming Off at Google?"

Scott's comment continues, "I admit, I was wrong before about their product development approach; it is not being managed well and is exhibiting some fatal flaws that will ultimately drive away customers and open up niches for competitors.  Google: The next Microsoft."

I'll second that.  Motion carried:  Un-occupy Gmail!
See you on the patio!

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