23 November 2011

Happy Thanks Day!

To all our friends, colleagues, correspondents, readers, and especially to our family scattered near and far, we're sharing two free screen savers/e-cards for the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. -- it's nigh upon us -- Thursday, 24th November 2011.  Both cards contain a special menu to help you celebrate the holiday with elan and cheer.

The designs and texts are original, copyrighted products from the studio of Gitanajava Productions LLC, made available here for your use as a holiday screen saver or e-card.  Truth be told, we have so much fun creating "non-businessy" designs, it's a privilege to share with you.

To download to your device, right-click and save from the images below.  If you prefer, you can click on the link in the caption, then save the images directly from the Gitanajava Gallery.


However you observe Thanks day, whether in serene solitude or raucous riotude, with a traditional American feast or with culinary delights of your own culture*, remember:  give thanks for even your smallest blessings.  After all, as Jan Karon, author of the Mitford series, says through one of her characters:

"It's th' unblessed food that makes you fat."

Happy Thanksgiving Day, Amigos y Amigas!
See you on the patio!
[ *N.B. - Which reminds me:  A.P., save me a slice of your homemade lasagne.  Jamal & Shaar, I can already hear the kibbeh sizzling and I'm saving a place of honor on my saucer for your ghraibeh (almond or pistachio, I won't fuss).]

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