26 March 2014

Welcome, Spring!

Bright yellow jasmine makes even a grey day sunny.
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Today was cold and grey and rainy and windswept.  Yet….

Yet….  Every now and then, a subtle undertone of sweetness and warmth insinuated itself between chilly, wet gusts of winter's last gasp.  Despite the ice, snow, and sleet of a few weeks ago, this spunky jasmine transformed from dried-bare vines to bold green, its tiny buds promising brighter days ahead.

When you own a business and it's mired in wintry doldrums, it seems like it will go on forever.  Don't give up, friend, don't give up.  Keep on keepin' on.  Spring is coming and business will grow green again.

This morning, as we struggled out the front door, bracing ourselves against twisting wind and rain, what a surprise to find this burst of blooms embracing the old wooden fence.  Full-blown Spring may not have quite arrived yet, but she sent this sunny message ahead, bless us.

One day very soon, we can unwind our scarves, shuck our coats and jackets, toss our gloves, and dance with Spring joy.

See you on the patio!

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