22 December 2012

Counting Colours...

Here's your big chance!  You have an opportunity to influence the marketing of one of our most talented and unusual colleagues and longtime friends, a/k/a KCTenor, The Mystery Client.

KCTenor is no mere certified professional accountant.  He's no colourless, bland bean-counter -- he's an operatic tenor who has performed at Carnegie Hall, performed in numerous musicals, and is a valued advisor to theatrical and dramatic companies about their financial management and development.  As an entertainment insider, he brings unique insight to the industry's artistic and business challenges.

Look at the following four colour schemes.  Choose the one you feel best represents our Mystery Client's unique bundle of qualities (Title for each scheme appears in the caption below it).  Keep in mind, too, we want a colour scheme striking a delicate balance between the vibrancy of the fine arts and the methodical logic of a "numbers guy".   In other words, Conservative + Creative.

In the comments section, share the number of the scheme you like -- throw in a couple of remarks about why you favour that colour scheme, too.

After the New Year rolls in, we'll announce the winning choice here and at Twitter and LinkedIn!





The above colour schemes are Gitanajava's copyright protected designs, displayed via screen grabs from Kuler, a great Adobe imaging tool no artist or designer should be without.  Kuler is a "web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project."  We highly recommend it!

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