07 December 2011

Make Yourself Merry!

I was looking for something evergreen, but phresh, to kick off my Christmas.  Thanks to friends at Google-Plus, I found just what I wanted, Sean Quigley's Little Drummer Boy.

You'll like this video so much, you'll want to own a copy -- buy Sean's work at www.cdbaby.com/seanquigley.  Follow him at Twitter, too -- @SeanQuigley204.  This guy is good.

This video is all Sean's work:  he directed, edited, arranged, composed, he recorded, mastered/mixed, and he performed.  Most remarkably, Sean's joy shines vividly throughout this everything-old-is-new-again Christmas standard.  This Little Drummer Boy will uplift and encourage you with a contemporary yet stille nacht tone.  Every time I view it, I want to shout "Joyeux Noel!"

Wherever you are, Sean, in Winnipeg, travelling for the holidays, or out making the wassail-ing rounds, thank you!  Thank you for making my Christmas merry and bright.  You are a gift, you have a gift, play it well.

See you on the patio!

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